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Great things happen when we work together, and at Cox Automotive, we know that every person counts.

Meet Michael - the Data Expert

  • Tell us about your role:  I'm a data expert who understands how business processes create data. I use that knowledge to build data models for other teams to make reports, as well as engaging with other business units to get access to information we can add to our databases. I am also the Server Administrator for Tableau, which means I look after the Tableau website and ensure it runs smoothly. 

  • What do you like about working at Cox Automotive?

    I love having to overcome different challenges on a day to day basis. I have a passion for investigation and really enjoy finding out what causes issues. The flexibility I have at Cox is also fantastic as I can work the hours which best suit me, this has allowed me to attend all appointments for my new born which means a great deal to me. We have a culture of supporting each other and we understand the importance of doing something right to avoid re-work. We're very agile and so have to move between projects to best provide value to the business.

  • What’s your proudest achievement? That's an easy one: The birth of my boy Edward. He's hard work
    but he's amazing. He might keep you up all night but if he gives you a smile in
    the morning it makes it all worth while. 

  • Name one thing you couldn’t live without?
    The internet. How did anyone survive without it?

Out of this world!

Georgia, Auction Assistant at Manheim Plymouth, recently did something out of this world to honor her dads legacy!

“Before my Dad passed away,” explains Georgia, “we talked about the possibility of doing a charity sky-dive. After he died, I knew that I had to focus my thoughts and attention on trying to do something positive to help other people. “I wanted to make him proud and because the staff at the hospital were so amazing – I pushed myself to raise as much money for them as possible. My team, and our wider Cox Automotive family, have been incredible in their support. I’ve been overwhelmed with the donations that everyone has made!”

Georgia raised an amazing £3,206.14 for the Brent, Bracken and Birch ward in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. The hospital is putting the money towards extending a specialist suite, which provides accommodation for patients who must be in isolation and will be replacing broken TVs with brand new ones for patients to enjoy

Auctioneers Academy

Every year we launch our Auctioneers Academy to find the next new talent from within the business. Anyone who is interested in becoming an Auctioneer can take part in classroom modules, rostrum experience and mentoring.

Leonie, Vendor Support at Colchester, has joined the programme this year:

  • What encouraged you to apply for the Auctioneer’s Academy? I’ve always found the auctioneers very inspiring and I’ve also got auctioneering in my blood! My great uncle was an auctioneer for Manheim many years ago and I’ve heard he was quite well known around the business. 
  • How are you finding the Academy so far? Fun, engaging and informative. I enjoy learning, so for me – it’s great. I’m also finding that it’s pushing me to become more confident and extroverted, which is helping me deal with any nerves I have around speaking in public. I also love listening to other auctioneers and taking note of their qualities and what makes them great at what they do.

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